Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese

George’s Mill Farm, located in Lovettsville, can be dated to 1774. At that time the land was owned by John George, who had come to Loudoun County about 1732 from Germany via Pennsylvania. John’s grandson, Samuel W. George, built the house that now serves as Georges Mill Farm Bed and Breakfast and where his descendants still live today. He began construction around 1859 but work came to a standstill when the Civil War broke out. Original work on the house was finished in 1869.

Interior of the Old Bank Barn

During the Civil War, Union troops of the 6th New York Calvary camped on an area of Georges Mill Farm. From there they had access to the road that went to Harper’s Ferry. Union Officers were often guests of the family and developed friendships with the young ladies who lived there. The family has letters from these officers as mementos of the history.

The next generation of kids

In addition to the Bed and Breakfast, the farm is also home to Georges Mill farm Artisan Cheese. Sam and Molly raise Alpine dairy goats and make artisanal goat cheese in the historic bank barn which they sell at local farmer’s markets and in their farm store.

For more information please visit: Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese, or call 571.442.7444.

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