Loudoun Artisan Trail

The Loudoun County Artisan Trail brings marketing and tourism connections to arts, agriculture, and cultural spots throughout Loudoun County. Through a partnership with the Artisans Center of Virginia’s Artisan Trail Network, the Trail now includes more than 150 sites spread across the county. The trail showcases creative artisan studios, galleries, agri-artisan farms, markets, local restaurants, lodging, and area points of interest.  For an updated list of trail sites visit: Artisan Trail Sites in Loudoun.

Susan Withnell teaching a class in hand-spinning wool

Create a self-guided trip to experience the robust culture of the local artisan community. Visit museums, art galleries and craft studios, farms, wineries and breweries. Discover hand crafted pottery or taste locally sourced produce and farm-made goat cheese. Enjoy a glass of wine at sunset overlooking the beautiful vineyards and valleys. Make your way from studio to farm, enjoying the scenery and historic roots along the way!

For more information please visit Loudoun County Artisan Trail on the Visit Loudoun web site.

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