Jumbo Bottom Barrel Works

Jumbo Bottom Barrel Works, located in Northern Virginia, is a small, family-owned woodworking business specializing in furniture reclaimed from retired local wine barrels.

The workshop

You can’t help but ask about the name. The name Jumbo Bottom refers to an area of low-lying land just south of their shop along Irish Corner Road in Lovettsville, Virginia. According to a local historian, during the 1800’s, the creek that runs through Jumbo Bottom was intentionally dammed causing the bottom to flood. The water was then released periodically to power the nearby mill. They chose the name to help preserve this tidbit of local history, that and “when building chairs, the comfort level should be jumbo for your bottom.”

The retired wine barrels they use are acquired from local wineries in Loudoun and other surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. Each barrel varies in color both inside and out due to wine staining on the inside and the elements to which the outside was exposed. Each piece of furniture they build reflects the unique character of the single barrel from which it was reclaimed.

For more information please visit: Jumbo Bottom Barrel Works, or call 540.589.2664

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