32nd Annual Leesburg Car Show

The 32nd Annual Leesburg Car Show will be held on September 14, 2019. At 11:00 AM, the participants will parade into Historic Leesburg, where cars will be available for viewing until 4:00 PM. Proud owners will be available and are more than happy to tell you about their unique cars. Proceeds will benefit the Academies of Loudoun!

I have fond memories of attending antique car shows with my grandparents in Illinois. My grandfather had two or three antique cars at any given time. He would drive in parades and later we would enjoy picnics and socializing with the other car club members. My dad now takes his classic cars (’36 Ford and ’53 Chevy) to local events. Even now, I take pictures to send to my dad of the classic cars I see out on the road!

Visit the website for more information about entering the show or about volunteering during the day: https://www.lcps.org/carshow.

My dad’s 1953 Chevy – great memories of riding in this – only it was painted black with red insets and a beautiful red interior!

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