Exploring Loudoun County Public Library

When is the last time you visited a library? As a kid, I went to the library every week, where I checked out dozens of books. While in college, the library was a great place to study and in graduate school, I conducted hours of research (on microfiche) for my thesis. I will always love wandering through a library searching for the next great book I’m going to read, but now I find my experience is just as likely to be virtual, as I search for eBooks in the comfort of my home.

The library system has grown and evolved over the last two decades in amazing ways. There are the expected activities for young children, but you can also find several book clubs, a Makerspace (some locations), meeting rooms and study rooms, and an unexpected number of online resources. And it has grown into 10 vibrant locations!

So, what does the Library System provide? Here are a few things you might find surprising:

  1. Makerspace – At the Brambleton, Gum Spring, Rust and Sterling locations
  2. Notary Services – by appointment
  3. Passport Services – Rust Library
  4. Meeting rooms – available at all locations, except the Law Library. Capacity varies from 25-150 people depending on location. In addition, many locations have study rooms available.
  5. Test proctoring
  6. Online Services – access online music, electronic books, audio books, movies, online learning
Here is my daughter enjoying the petting zoo at the Purcellville Library.

Take some time to explore the Library website – you’ll be sure to want to stop by one of the locations and take advantage of the programs yourself!

Here is my daughter enjoying the petting zoo at the Purcellville Library.

Here are some links to help you explore what the library has to offer. Share your thoughts about what you find most surprising or are most likely to take advantage of!!





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